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Baobab Superfruit Powder

Baobab Superfruit Powder

Minvita Baobab Superfruit Powder forms naturally inside the hard-shelled fruit of the African Baobab tree. Minvita Baobab Superfruit Powder is a 100% natural, nutrient dense raw wholefood that will supplement your recommended daily allowance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Nutrional Declaration

Serving size - 1 dessert spoon (5g /0.18oz)

Servings per container: 50

  per 100g % RI
Energy 711 kJ  / 170 kcal  
Fat <0.1g  
- of which saturates 0g  
Carbohydrate 78g  
- of which sugars 25g  
Fibre 50g  
Protein 3g  
Salt <0.1g  
Vitamin C  300mg 375%
Potassium  3000mg 150%
Calcium 350mg 44%
Iron 2.1mg 15%


Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

High in Vitamin E

High in Calcium

High in Fibre

High in Potassium

For use in

smoothies, cereals, juices, yoghurts or as a baking ingredient

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